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Aya Package ‚Äč

An Aya project consists of a directory with a aya.json file (project metadata) and a src directory for source code. Here's a sample aya.json:

  "ayaVersion": "0.23",
  // ^ The version of Aya you are using -- for compatibility checks
  "name": "<project name>",
  "version": "<project version>",
  "group": "<project group>",
  // ^ The group is used to distinguish different projects with the same modules

  "dependency": {
    "<name of dependency>": {
      "file": "<directory to your dependency>"
    // We plan to support other sources of dependencies,
    // but we do not have money to
    // host a package repository for now.

To build a project, run aya --make <parent dir of aya.json> (incremental). For force-rebuilding, replace --make with --remake. For jar users, run java --enable-preview -jar cli-fatjar.jar --make <parent dir of aya.json>.